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Confused and anxious about choosing the right business software for your organization?
Are multiple options online and multiple quotes from software companies making your selection process even more difficult?
If you answered Yes to the above questions, then we welcome you to SoftwareHunt.
Softwarehunt is an online service we created to recommend you the best software for the needs and challenges of
your organization in the comfort of your office. And that too in 4 simple steps. Try it out now !


1. Select the challenges or problems your organization faces or select the Kind of software you are looking for

2. Our advanced algorithm processes the entire software landscape and matches the right software solution along with the features that are best suited for your challenges and needs

3. Customise and Personalise the solution options as you deem fit.

4. Submit your personalisation and one of our expert software consultants will connect with you to help you choose the right software product for your specified needs.

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Choose by Challenges

Start here if you are sure about the challenges that various departments in your organization face, but you are not sure about the software solution that best fits the needs of your organisation


Choose a Software

Start here if you are sure about the software category you want to purchase for your organization - for example, CRM, ERP, BI etc but are not sure about the right software product with the right features for your needs


"Software@Work was able to understand our Business needs and challenges and design a customised
Tally solution that has helped us in track our product movement to our distributor and retailer locations
through our supply chain which was key to the success of our business."

- Tata Docomo

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FAQ for Software Hunt

Google is a great place to start your search & do some research. One problem is that there are too many choices and making the wrong choice can be costly . The other thing to keep in mind is that any particular vendor is interested only in selling THEIR software and to that extent their interest remains in making you buy from them. On the other hand, SoftwareHunt is an independent consultancy and we do not have sales targets for any software. Our aim is to assist you define your needs and help you match that with the right software application. Just as a patient does not go to a Doctor who offers only has one medicine to all patients , and wants assistance in diagnosis, we have a variety of solutions but our aim is to help you define your need before we assist.

Our model is not purely online. We would call or meet you to assist in making the right choice of software

There is currently no charge for this.

In addition, we include at least an hour of free consulting to help you define your needs and then to suggest the best software. If your requirements are complex, we may suggest a "Requirement Study" be done and documented. This requirement study may be done internally by your organisation. However, we also offer this as a paid service at a nominal charge. This is optional.

Yes. We only suggest software products which are off-the-shelf and already in use by dozens of users. We ensure that you deal with well established vendors / developers. By taking ongoing feedback from customers, we ensure that you have access to the best software applications that deliver.

a. Analysis of the current requirements, needs and issues faced

b. Analysis of new requirements / functionalities which will be required in the future

c. Review of available software applications and ensuring that the selected application is adaptable / customisable to not only meet current needs but also future uncertain needs

d. Matching available applications with budget and needs

e. Deciding on the usage/pricing model : On Premise / On Cloud etc

f. Ensuring that the existing IT / User setup (Manpower or Infrastructure) supports the selected software

g. Ensuring that the selected software rollout partner / vendor will deliver on post-sale commitments

Softwarehunt will assist you in take inputs from you here, after which a consultant will contact you for any more inputs required. If your needs are properly defined, Softwarehunt will proceed to look for the most suitable software.

If your requirements are complex or need a more detailed analysis, we may suggest a "Requirement Study" be done and documented.

No. In fact we may be able to offer you better prices as compared to published prices since we will be working our special offers for our customers. Billing is usually done to you directly by the Developer or Certified Implementation Partner.

We will you directly in contact with the right software vendor / developer / certified implementation partner so that the buying process is transparent. All payments are made directly by you to the vendor / implementation partner and not to Softwarehunt.

After sales training & support will be handled directly by the software vendor / developer / certified implementation partner

By taking ongoing feedback from our customers, each software product is rated for quality and user satisfaction. This ensures that you have access to the best software. Due to our collective bargaining power and ongoing relationships with all the software vendors / developers we will also be well placed to use the power of our network on the vendor to deliver on the promises.